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A1-A4: Books by J. R. R. Tolkien

2001.9.25, 2009.4.27 TAKAHASHI Makoto

A1 A Middle English Vocabulary

Oxford University Press

A2 Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics

Oxford University Press
[Folcroft, Pa.] Folcroft Library Editions
Norwood, Pa. : Norwood Editions
Philadelphia : R. West
Darby, Pa. : Arden Library

A3 The Hobbit or There and Back again

George Allen & Unwin
Unwin Hyman
Houghton Mifflin(U.S.)
Penguin Books
Ballantine Books(U.S., Paperback)
Harry N. Abrams(U.S.)
The Folio Society
Galahad Books.(U.S.)
Guild Publishing
Clio Press, Oxford
Econo-Clad Books
Thorndike Press
Gale Group (Large Print)

A4 Farmer Giles of Ham

George Allen & Unwin
Houghton Mifflin(U.S.)
Unwin Hyman

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